Frozen Menu

Please email for your frozen order. We do not accept text messages.

Specify the number of PIECES of each type, the date and time in which you would like to pick up, and which market you would like to pick up from.

Please have orders in by TUESDAY for a weekend pick up at the Farmers Market.

We also offer steaming equipment

12” Bamboo Basket $10 each
12” Bamboo Lid $10 each
14” Wok $20 each
Wok Ring (to keep Wok balanced on burner) $6 each

Sauces for Sale
Chili Oil (8oz) $10
Chili Oil (4oz) $5.50
Soy Sauce (8oz) $5
Soy Sauce (4oz) $3

Shrimp Dumpling

Pork and Shrimp Dumpling

Sea Scallop Dumpling  (sea scallop & shrimp)

Pea Shoot Dumpling  (pea shoots & shrimp)

Cilantro Dumpling  (cilantro & shrimp)

Chive Dumpling  (garlic chive & shrimp)

Spinach Dumpling  (spinach & shrimp)

Mushroom Dumpling  (shiitake, carrot, vermicelliVegan-Logo

Mustard Green Dumpling  (mustard greensVegan-Logo

Chicken & Mushroom Dumpling

Petrale Sole Dumpling  (petrale sole & shrimp)

Halibut Dumpling  (halibut & shrimp)

Bok Choy Dumpling
  (bok choyVegan-Logo

Snow Pea Leaf Dumpling  (snow pea leaves) Vegan-Logo

Shiitake Dumpling   (shiitake & napa cabbageVegan-Logo

Baby Spinach Dumpling
  (baby spinachVegan-Logo

Chard Dumpling  (red chardVegan-Logo

Kale Dumpling  (purple kaleVegan-Logo

Baby Collard Green Dumpling  (collard greensVegan-Logo seasonal 

Fennel Dumpling  (fennelVegan-Logo

Asparagus Dumpling  (asparagus) Vegan-Logo seasonal 

Broccoli Rabe Dumpling  (broccoli rabeVegan-Logo seasonal 

English Pea Dumpling  (english peas)Vegan-Logo seasonal 

Summer Corn Dumpling  (corn) Vegan-Logo seasonal 

Corn & Shrimp Dumpling  (corn & shrimp) seasonal

Salmon Dumpling  (wild salmon) seasonal

Matsutake Dumpling (matsutake mushroom & shrimp) seasonal

Spiny Lobster Dumpling  (spiny lobster & shrimp) seasonal

Black Truffle Shrimp Dumpling

Dungeness Crab Dumpling  (dungeness crab & shrimp)

Shanghai Soup Dumpling “Xiao Long Bao” (pork)

Baked BBQ Pork Bun

Steamed BBQ Pork Bun

Steamed Chicken Bun

Steamed Bok Choy Bun Vegan-Logo

Chicken Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf (chicken & shiitake)

Shiitake Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf Vegan-Logo

Chicken Pot Sticker  (chicken & napa cabbage)

Shiitake Pot Sticker (shiitake, napa cabbage, tofu, vermicelliVegan-Logo

Chive Pocket (chive, tofu, shiitake, vermicelliVegan-Logo

Scallion Pancake Vegan-Logo

Crispy Shrimp Blossoms

Crispy Chicken “Footballs”

Crispy Mushroom “Baseballs” Vegan-Logo

Sesame Ball  (sweet red bean)Vegan-Logo

Vegan-Logo = Vegan