About Us

photo by Andria Lo

photo by Andria Lo courtesy of Headlands Center for the Arts

Tru Gourmet was started in August of 2008 by mother and daughter team Cathy Tsui and Olivia Liu. For my mother and I, dining on Dim Sum and visiting local farmers markets have always been weekly traditions, which gave us the idea to combine our two most beloved weekly traditions and start a family business. Dim Sum translates into “touch of the heart.” Our aim is to touch your heart with handcrafted Dim Sum made from our hearts. You will find traditional dumplings one might see at popular Dim Sum houses as well as modern day creations that are aimed to expand one’s view of Dim Sum. Our Dim Sum is traditional by nature and refined yet approachable by evolution. It showcases seasonal and local ingredients one would find at the Farmers Market.  We are proud to source most of our produce from the Farmers Markets we attend.